ACTIVATION OF DORMANT CURRENT ACCOUNT Name Account no Date D D M M Y Y Y Y The Manager ICICI Bank UK PLC Branch Dear Sir/Madam, I/We, confirm that I/we have not operated the above account for a period
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Chairman of the IASB board mr. d garage dean mr. Rajendra Srivastava the fellow members of the ISB Executive Board faculty and staff of is B parents and families of the graduating students and their graduating students I am very delighted to be here today because as I remember the ICICI groups association with ISP goes back a long way in fact since the time that this unique institution was conceptualized and I'm very happy to really know that within a short span of 15 years the institution has grown to be amongst the top management schools in the world I have been personally associated with the ISP for several years now as a member of the Executive Board and I know that we as ICICI remind you of our presence almost every day by being present on the campus itself so it gives me great pleasure to see the school grow from strength to strength I'd like to congratulate all of you of the graduating students for whom this day this moment is not only an extremely happy one but also a very proud moment because your graduation marks a new beginning in your life and you have the advantage of graduating from one of the finest management schools so heartiest congratulations to all of you I would also like to congratulate the faculty because it is their effort and their guidance that help the students hone their skills and bring out the best in them so my compliments to all of you and special set of congratulations to the families of the graduating students because it's your support and your encouragement that is actually bearing fruit today congratulations well each one of you as you enter the world or maybe reenter the world again I'm sure is already dreaming of leadership because some of you may have come from an entrepreneurial background some of you would be preparing to join the corporate world some of you would be thinking of starting your own enterprise and in this context I thought I'd just tell you about the multiple forces that are interacting or impacting businesses today and their impact on leadership I think the two major trends that are impacting the world today is first of all technology most of you are present here today may not actually remember what life was before the forces of digital technology and communications began to transform our lives indeed even old people like me who spent a large part of our lives in the pre-digital world so to say now find it difficult to recall how we were living without this continuous connectivity even at our age we experience the four more if we are not continuously connected so we've all experienced this transition but I think what technology is doing today is changing the way we live changing the way we work changing the way we interact with each other and including our customers our fellow employees and so on and therefore what is important for all of you as you move out in the world is not just to think about technology not just to think about the way technology is causing disruption but to think in...